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Berta Pistons – the heart of the engines


The Berta Piston is engaged in preparing automobile and motorbike components since more than 30 years now. For today the piston production, manufacturing of unique pistons, aluminum casting and metalworking became our determinant profile. You can find within our product range the following: pistons for two-stroke and four stroke automobile engines both for diesel and petrol operated, motorbikes, agricultural machines and compressors. In addition to the above mentioned we also undertake the preparation of the pistons for old-timer vehicles, or the preparation of any unique pistons on the basis of samples, with short deadlines.

The Berta pistons are being manufactured of high quality materials and with special competence, thanks to the experience of many years, the skilled workforce and the up to date technology. All these together make possible to create high quality products.

We operate in our plant on CNC-machines that have been manufactured by the NCT Kft. We can provide the accuracy in the design and in the precise machining of the pistons by the help of CAD and CAM software. We control the so finished work pieces by the measuring instruments of the Japanese company Mitutoyo.

From model planes to boats

Most of our pistons we offer for the following internal-combustion engines in:

  • cars
  • motorbikes
  • scooters
  • quads
  • tractors
  • pumps
  • compressors
  • aircrafts
  • motorboats
  • ships
  • jet skis
  • garden equipment
    - chain saw
    - motor scythe
    - lawnmower
    - garden tiller