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About our company


The company Berta Pistons has been established by Mr. István Berta in 1973. The Szeged-born craftsman tried to create a company of his own already after the Second World War and also in the fifties; however the co-operative system did not make it possible for him. He left the co-operative in 1973 and started to run his activity as a craftsman in a locality in the surroundings of Szeged city. Soon he passed his master exams as engineering industrial technician in the professions of locksmith, turner and rubber wear repairman.

In the beginning the scope of activities consisted of making tools as per order, or performing of certain locksmith’s and turner’s works, while later he put more emphasis on the manufacturing of spare parts for motor vehicles, especially for cars and motorbikes. He also dealt with aluminum casting and processing of the cast parts besides spare parts made of metal, rubber and plastic. Soon he was able to open his own site. He manufactured there window cranks, door handles, door locks and heating cocks for the passenger cars sold in Hungary in the seventies.

From the beginning of the 80s became piston production also a main activity besides the spare parts manufacturing. Thanks to the increasing number of orders the existing production sites became too tight for the mid 90s, therefore the construction of a modern production hall with larger capacity and equipped with up-to-date technology became necessary. The currently existing workshop of 1200m2 has been executed for 1997, where the production takes place today.

The company was awarded ISO qualification in November 2002. We export our products to several member countries of the EU and also to many non-EU member states in different quantities. The venture was continuously developing in the past years, while followed the technological changes for to be able to meet the market needs by producing high quality products.